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Ali Hosseini

IT Consultant

Ali is an IT Consultant at Land Services Group with a noticeable decade-long streak of perfection reflected through the broad array of websites he has designed. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from KIAU University in Iran. 

In the past five years, Ali climbed the ladder and acquired the position of the Director of Design at many successful firms and now leads his own company as Chief Executive Officer and specializes in visual identity for companies. When asked what he would like to bring to the table at Land Services Group, he stated with utter certainty, “I would bring aboard the concept of designing for the future.” 

Ali's Specializations

Web Design

Ali has a proven track record of notching up UX scores and customer acquisition retention.

Trend Analysis

Ali is quick to identify concepts that emerge each day on competitive channels of visual media and utilizes various creative niches as concepts to amplify the success of each task.

Information Technology

Ali provides ongoing IT support to Land Services Group and the company's clients.

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