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Shu Jiang

About  >  Team  >  Sales Shu Jiang Sales Representative (647) 298 2728 English, Mandarin York Region, Toronto Bio Specializations Title Bio Title Description Title Description

Chase Carharte

About  >  Team  >  Sales Chase Carharte Sales Representative (647) 885 5541 English Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton Chase is a highly motivated individual who is always on call to create viable business opportunities. He is tenacious at identifying and qualifying…

Ishan Verma

About  >  Team  >  Sales Ishan Verma BROKER (647) 807-7764 English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu York Region, Toronto Currently working as a Real Estate Broker for LSG Realty, Ishan is widely known for her valuation skills, acquisition and dispositions of…

Masoud Esfahani

About  >  Team  >  Sales Masoud Esfahani BROKER (647) 965-1867 English, Farsi York Region, Toronto With over 30 years of experience across six different countries, Masoud Esfahani brings extensive development and real estate experience to the Land Services Group…

Reza Hosseinnejad

About  >  Team  >  Sales Reza Hosseinnejad BROKER (647) 267-0049 English, Farsi York Region, Toronto Reza Hosseinnejad brings extensive experience in evaluation, estimation, and real estate investments. His expertise is backed up by his PhD in Engineering and his…

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