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Andrew Wang

Sales Representative

Andrew has always been passionate about doing business whether it’s in China or in Canada. He believes all businesses start with trust which you are expected to earn. Andrew has applied his unique approach to establish various businesses in China and as well as in Canada. Andrew always says “it’s not him who has picked the real estate business but was merely picked by it”. Driven by vision and fueled by 100% dedication and genuine care, Andrew has achieved many accolades in the past few years.
As a people person Andrew is always proud of claiming him as a humble Real Estate Professional. He always enjoys meeting with new people and listening to their unique inspiring life stories. He’s a firm believer that we only live once, why not make it unforgettable.

Andrew's Specializations

Income Plaza

Whether you are a plaza owner or looking for a plaza, Andrew is always capable of finding you the right match. Andrew and his team will provide a one-stop shop for all of your plaza income needs.

Land Development

Andrew is a firm believer of land development; this is one of the best methods to achieve enormous financial return. Risk is always the twin brother to Land Development and Andrew always starts with risk analyst before anything else.

Real Estate Investment

Andrew is well connected with some developers and builders and there are consistently great projects looking for investors. Andrew is a family man who has two children and he believes real estate investment is the best investment that could pass down to the next generation.

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