219-221 Roxton Road

This is an exclusive mid-rise, mixed-use residential development and investment opportunity at the intersection of College Street and Roxton Road in downtown Toronto. 

The land is ready for redevelopment into a six-storey condominium with retail space at ground level and two roof gardens. With numerous restaurants, retailers, services, and public transportation within walking distance, the property occupies a trendy and high-demand area with competitive condominium sales. The property abuts an existing six-storey mixed use condominium building. 

The land is currently occupied by a former residential structure, but will be ready to be redeveloped into condominiums upon demolition.

LocationLot SizeStatus
219-221 Roxton Road, Toronto, ON3,100 sq. ft.Available

16, 20, 22 Allaura Blvd

This property is a mixed use development and investment opportunity at the heart of Aurora’s characteristic Promenade area. 16, 20, and 22 Allaura Blvd are three land parcels are designated “Aurora Promenade Commercial” which encourage at-grade commercial uses and residential uses in the second storey and above. The site is uniquely situated in the Aurora Promenade Concept Plan, which permits a multitude of uses.

LocationLot SizeStatus
16 Allaura Blvd36,590.4 sq. ft.Available
20 Allaura Blvd73,616.4 sq. ft.Available
22 Allaura Blvd38,332.8 sq. ft.Available

Douglas Manors

Douglas Manors consists of three exclusive luxury detached homes155, 161, 163 Douglas Rd, Richmond Hill, with immaculately designed exteriors and interiors,
spacious layouts, and an abundance of top-class feautres, including two-car garages, elevators, balconies, and wine cellars.

2 – 4 Hughes St

The RE/MAX Realtron© Land Services Group is pleased to present a residential development opportunity in Richmond Hill’s desirable neighborhood of Oak Ridges. 2 and 4 Hughes Street comprises a parcel of land that can accommodate 16 four-storey regular stacked townhouses or 18 to 32 urban townhouses.

LocationLot SizeStatus
2-4 Hughes Street, Richmond Hill, ON150 ft. x 100 ft.Available

262-270 Avenue Road

The RE/MAX Realtron© Land Services Group is pleased to present a residential development and investment opportunity land assembly and development opportunity for a mid-rise condominium in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. 262-270 Avenue Road includes five townhouse units with potential to be assembled and redeveloped into a mid-rise complex.

LocationLot SizeStatus
262-270 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON1.24 ac.Available

Yonge St Mixed Use Condo

The RE/MAX Realtron© Land Services Group is pleased to present a mixed use development opportunity for a 20-storey, 217,835 sq. ft. building with significant frontage on Toronto’s iconic Yonge St. The site permits the development of 253 residential units, retail space, parking, indoor and outdoor amenities, and is surrounded by numerous neighbourhood amenities.

LocationLot SizeStatus
Yonge St, Toronto, ON0.83 ac.Proposed development: 20-storey mixed use building

Maple Park TOWNS + SEMIS

In conjunction with A1 Developments, the RE/MAX© Realtron Land Services Group is proud to present 22 townhomes and 12 semi-detached homes at Maple Grove Ave and Aubrey Ave in Richmond Hill. Maple Park Towns + Semis come in a variety of sleek, contemporary configurations and finishes.

LocationLot SizeStatus
7, 9, 11 Maple Grove Ave and 4, 6 Aubrey Ave, Richmond Hill, ON2.37 ac.Presales

Duchess of Oxford

The Duchess of Oxford comprises three luxury single detached and twenty semi-detached homes in a variety of configurations and finishes. Each square foot has been meticulously planned to assure quality and satisfaction. The project is slated for completion in early 2022.

Location: 251 Oxford St, Richmond Hill, ON
Units: 1 single detached and 12 semi-detached available in Phase 1.
Status: Phase 1 presales commenced September 2020.
SOLD: Units 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19.
AVAILABLE: Units 01, 13, 16, 20-23.

Lakeview Residence

3 acres of development land suitable for an 11-storey condominium or retirement residence totalling over 152,000 square feet in GFA.

LocationLot SizeStatus
13572 & 13586 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON3.0 ac.Ready for development.

Silver Springs

The RE/MAX© Realtron Land Services Group is pleased to present a residential land development opportunity consisting of 8 semi-detached and 22 single detached homes in Richmond Hill.

LocationLot SizeStatus
273, 283 16th Ave and 86, 92, 94 Duncan Rd, Richmond Hill, ON2.37 ac.Ready for development.