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10&20 Fincham
Residential Development Opportunity

10-20 Fincham Ave, Markham, On

Land Services Group is proud to present an exclusive residential development opportunity the intersection of Fincham Avenue, and 16th Avenue in Markham. 10-20 Fincham Avenue is a 1.04 ac. site bounded by a residential development to the east and south. The sites are occupied by two single-storey multi-tenant commer- cial buildings with parking areas and landscaping.

Current site operations include retail, variety stores, sa- lons, office space, restaurants, and insurance brokerage. The site will be ready for redevelopment into 7 double front townhomes, 7 standard townhomes, and 1 wide single home upon zoning by-law amendment. This is an opportunity to develop residences in a neighborhood with extraordinarily high real estate values.

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