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Hosein Amooshahi


Hosein has always been passionate about helping people find what they need with confidence and peace of mind. This has motivated him to pursue real estate and quickly grew his business, eventually landing him a position at Land Services Group. Hosein mastered the art of a sales over half a decade ago with encouragement from his peers. He believes it is crucial to share knowledge with his clients to gain mutual trust and respect.

Upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran, he moved to Canada and got his hands on a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Western University and has been serving home buyers and sellers in the Toronto and GTA since 2016.

Passionate about his community and its well-being, Hosein has been an active volunteer at Tirgan’s funding committee since 2012 and currently holds a seat in the organization’s Board of Directors.

Hosein’s unparalleled familiarity with the Toronto and GTA markets allows him to provide the best service to his clients. He will work tirelessly to get the highest return whether clients are buying or selling. Hosein has grown to take calculated risks in the market, by selling, demolishing, and renovating many homes. This experience has helped him achieve mastery over commercial and residential land development.

Hosein's Specializations

Land Development

Hosein continuously hones all the skills required in developing commercial and residential properties/land. He is quick on his feet and will adhere to the length of the project.

Client Services

Hosein engages in 1-on-1 conversations with each client to fully understand their needs, budgets, and to provide them with realistic cost estimates.


Hosein brings forth a diverse network of clientele to Land Services Group. He has practical experience in social media, marketing, and communication.

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