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Hossein Zohrabi

Sales representative

Hossein is an accomplished professional with an Engineering degree and over 15 years of management experience in successful large-scale manufacturing and industrial companies. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field, positioning him as a highly skilled practitioner. Beyond his managerial roles, Hossein has amassed over 20 years of international trade experience in Europe, the Middle East, and CIS countries. His deep understanding of the intricacies of global business allows him to effortlessly navigate cross-cultural barriers. Since 2013, Hossein has been serving as a Real Estate Broker (consultant/investor) in the Canadian market, where he diligently protects and promotes his clients’ interests. He has an impressive track record of executing successful transactions and consistently ensuring customer satisfaction. Overall, Hossein’s multifaceted background and remarkable accomplishments in various domains of business and investment make him an invaluable asset to any team or organization. His diverse expertise and extensive experience position him as a highly sought-after professional.

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