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Masoud Arjmandfar

Sales Representative

Masoud is a dynamic, entrepreneurial sales representative with over 20 years of experience in real estate and business, urban planning, architecture and design, and land development experience that encompasses project coordination, property management, builder relations, and feasibility assessment.

Masoud brings advanced knowledge in the theory, principles, and practices of urban planning and design in public environments. He is likewise specialized in the preservation and restoration of heritage architecture. His understanding of the Ontario Planning Act, Ontario Building Code, and sustainability management makes him an indispensable consultant on the LSG team.

Masoud's Specializations

Urban Planning and Design

Masoud brings two decades of urban planning and design experience in which he has taken numerous construction projects from conception to completion.

Project Management

Masoud proficiently uses project plans, design and management software, and computer applications to manage projects.

Heritage Preservation and Restoration

Masoud has specialized experience in the preservation and restoration of heritage sites according to the Ontario Heritage Act.

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