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Mehdi Ahmadi

Sales Representative

Mehdi has been in the field of real estate for over 12 years and has built his own distinctive brand in the sphere of construction and major renovation. Born and raised in Iran, Mehdi attended the University of Tehran and perfected his  skills as a quick-witted sales representative and cultivated a vast network of clients while generating many successful leads. Seven years ago, Mehdi took a step further and received two diplomas from George Brown College in Civil Engineering and Construction Management. 

Apart from his exceptional work ethic, Mehdi likes to keep his foot on the gas. You can find him at his local gym, waking up to the sun at six a.m. each morning, and always staying on the move. 

Mehdi's Specializations


Building custom homes and carrying out major renovations are Mehdi’s prime strengths within the realm of real estate. His knowledge on pricing, developing, and customizing homes is a core advantage to any buyer or seller.


Mehdi has been in the real estate space for over a decade, which has allowed him to establish fruitful connections with numerous real estate figureheads. His friendly yet business-centric attitude brings forth a vast amount of clientele with a promised score of consistency.

Custom Homes

Mehdi’s experience goes beyond the role of a sales representative. He is well-known for his inclination to assist clients in building custom homes that best fit their needs and desires, building numerous of Mini Custom Construction Homes in North York. Mehdi will go above and beyond by actively leading the team at construction sites.

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