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Mina Mahroo

Sales Representative

Mina’s passion for real estate started at the early age of 18 in her native country of Iran. Mina had worked to fund her undergraduate degree at Shahid Beheshti University, but her charisma and excellent communication skills did not go unnoticed and she quickly found herself in a sales representative role. Upon her arrival in Canada, she had cultivated the necessary skills and qualifications to be successful as a real estate agent in the GTA. Additionally, Mina studied residential construction in 2006 and land development in 2014 to expand her repertoire of real estate knowledge. Her 20+ years of experience in real estate has made Mina an indispensable member of the Land Services Group team.

Mina's Specializations

Land Development

Mina identifies prime development land, which she can assemble, sever, and prepare for commercial and residential development purposes. She helps clients identify the highest and best use of any particular land parcel. In 2020, Mina successfully acquired, assembled, and sold 551 and 561 16th Avenue, Richmond Hill, for redevelopment into 18 semi-detached units.

Residential Construction

Mina identifies homes that are ideal for demolition, renovation, and custom builds. Some of the custom luxury homes for which she has directed construction include: 182 Hillsview Dr, 83 Yongehurst Rd, 47 and 49 Harding Blvd, 142 and 143 Elmwood Ave, and 2968 Elgin Mills Rd E.


Mina’s vast network of connections, combined with her charisma and familiarity with numerous GTA neighborhoods, makes her a successful presales agent. She can expedite the transaction of complete residential units, such as Maple Park and Duchess of Oxford.

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