Services - For Land Owners

LSG offers a range of tailored services to landowners looking to maximize the value and potential of their properties. By leveraging its expertise in real estate investment, development, and management, LSG assists landowners in navigating the complexities of the real estate market and unlocking the full potential of their land assets. Here’s an overview of the key services provided:

  1. Market Analysis and Valuation: LSG performs in-depth market analysis and property valuation to help landowners understand the current market value of their land and its potential for development. This includes assessing local market trends, zoning regulations, and potential uses based on the location and characteristics of the property.

  2. Strategic Planning and Consultation: Landowners receive strategic advice on the best use of their property, considering factors such as market demand, development costs, and long-term investment goals. LSG's team can guide landowners on whether to develop, hold, or sell their property for optimal returns.

  3. Zoning and Rezoning Assistance: For land that may require rezoning to achieve its highest and best use, LSG provides assistance in navigating the rezoning process. This includes preparing and submitting rezoning applications, representing landowners in hearings, and working with municipal planners and other stakeholders.

  4. Development Partnership Opportunities: LSG explores opportunities for joint venture or partnership arrangements with landowners interested in participating in the development process but lacking the necessary expertise or capital. This collaborative approach allows landowners to benefit from LSG’s development experience while contributing their land as a key asset.

  5. Land Development Services: For landowners looking to develop their property, LSG offers comprehensive development services that cover the entire development lifecycle. This includes project feasibility studies, design and planning, obtaining permits and approvals, construction management, and eventual sale or leasing of the developed property.

  6. Financing and Investment Solutions: Through Crowda and its network of investors, LSG can facilitate access to financing solutions for landowners looking to develop their properties but requiring financial resources. This can include equity financing, debt financing, or a combination of both to fund development projects.

  7. Sales and Disposition Services: LSG Realty provides marketing and sales services for landowners wishing to sell their property. This includes market positioning, property listing, negotiation of sale terms, and transaction management to ensure a smooth and successful property disposition.

  8. Lease Management and Advisory: For landowners interested in leasing their property, LSG offers lease management and advisory services. This can include tenant search and vetting, lease negotiation, and ongoing property management to ensure the land is generating sustainable income.

  9. Environmental and Regulatory Compliance: LSG advises on environmental considerations and regulatory compliance related to land development. This includes environmental assessments, mitigation strategies, and ensuring all development activities comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

  10. Sustainability Consulting: LSG can guide landowners on incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into the development of their land, enhancing its appeal to today's environmentally conscious buyers and tenants, and potentially increasing its long-term value.

By providing these services, LSG aims to empower landowners with the knowledge, resources, and strategic support needed to make informed decisions about their property, whether it involves selling, developing, or holding their land for future opportunities.