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Parth Patel

Real Estate Analyst

Parth joined Land Services Group as a Real Estate Analyst during his final year of study at Ryerson University. He has always possessed an affinity for real estate and law.

Parth studies his investments thoroughly to ascertain each development involved in the area of a business’s growth. In addition to his hands-on investment expertise, he has an exemplary amount of experience in the banking industry, particularly as a mortgage finder in the financial departments of his previous workplaces. 

Parth’s hope is that his time at Land Services Group will be a growing pond of his pre-existing passion for all facets of real estate. Since joining, Parth has expanded his knowledge in the spheres of acquisition, investment, purchasing properties, and home renovations. He has brought aboard his network of clientele, and actively partakes in upscaling the business. 

Parth's Specializations


Parth maintains a consistent circle of connections that invest in real estate and are actively pursuing land developments, renovations, and diving further into residential properties.

Residential Development

Parth owns several residential properties that he has renovated entirely, as well as custom homes with single floor renovations. He has led these projects in Vaughan, Brampton, and Toronto.

Real Estate Law

Parth is academically experienced in real estate law and continuously provides support and feedback to the Land Services Group while honing his legal knowledge.

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