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Developers Helping Developers.

LSG Partners is the real estate investment, fundraising, and networking division of the Land Services Group. We are land developers who partner with other land developers to achieve one goal: generate exceptional returns for our investors while contributing to the well-being of communities in our target markets.

Our team has years of expertise partnering with less experienced land developers to achieve mutually beneficial results. Our areas of focus include development-based and value-add real estate investments for low- to mid-rise residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects of any scale, location, and budget.

You are:

  • Developing land for the first time and need guidance.
  • A novice land developer who would benefit from advice to make your project more successful or profitable.
  • Developing a project and aren’t sure how to proceed and you need guidance on next steps.
  • In need of investors, developers, property managers, or other human resources.

The land you are developing is:

  • Residential (townhomes, single family, condominiums, etc), commercial, or mixed-use.
  • Low- to mid-rise (below 20 storeys).
  • One-on-one mentoring from an experienced partner who will guide you through the land development process at any stage.
  • Access to comprehensive network of LSG advisors, investors, brokers, and many other indispensable resources.
  • Access to LSG’s marketing platform to maximize the visibility of your project.
  • International 
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Maximization of returns.

To begin, please fill out the form below. Our team of partners will review your application. If your project is deemed suitable for and LSG Partnership, we will contact you via your provided details.  Please provide as much detail about your project as possible so we can determine our mutual compatibility!

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Our Partnership Strategy


LSG partners with developers who present prime lands in urban and suburban markets to be developed into residential, commercial, or mixed-use assets.


LSG's experienced team of partners works alongside our developer partners on all aspects of a project from acquisition through completion. We diligently monitor our projects throughout the development process to ensure that we never miss opportunities to maximize returns for our investors.


A typical LSG Partnership completion includes the complete zoning of property, completion of for-sale residential developments, and the stabilization and eventual sale of commercial assets.

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