The project aims to assemble the prime properties at 9190, 9196, 9206, and 9212 Yonge Street & 18-22 Spruce Avenue, with four versions of Massing Analysis, the development aims to create exceptional condominium units in this sought-after location along Yonge Street, redefining contemporary urban living with elegance and architectural brilliance.

LocationRichmond Hill, Ontario
Required Funding$9,500,000
Expected GFA (sqft)600,000
Target Holding Period5-7 Years
Type of DevelopmentHighrise-Mixed use
Legal StructureLP-GP
Minimum Investment$47,500
background diamonds patternHighrise-Mixed use

Min, Investment


The Cyrus involves the acquisition and development of multiple parcels located at 18-22 Spruce Avenue, 9190, 9196, 9206, and 9212 Yonge Street. The project involves Land Assembly, Land Banking, and Land Development.

The project’s focal point is 9190 Yonge St, which serves as the cornerstone for the entire assembly initiative. Negotiations are underway with the owners of the adjacent properties at 9196, 9206, and 9212 Yonge St, 18-22 Spruce Avenue.

The project is situated in a strategically significant neighbourhood with strong growth potential. Its location along Yonge Street offers access to a thriving urban area with ameni- ties, transportation, and commercial prospects. The project aims to unlock the value of the consolidated land, allowing for future development opportunities and maximising returns on the investment.

Overall, the location’s desirability along Yonge Street, coupled with the increasing demand for urban living spaces, positions the condominium development as a promising opportu- nity for long-term growth and substantial returns on investment.