Reza Esmaeili

Founder & CEO

The Land Services Group is led by Reza Esmaeili, who has been involved in numerous remarkable GTA land development projects within the past 17 years, including Maffey Glen Townhomes, Harris Gate, Flo Condominiums, Prince Parque Luxury Townhomes, Maple Park Homes, Duchess of Oxford, Silver Spring, and many other projects totalling over 500 units and millions of dollars.

Reza’s real estate expertise plus his intimate familiarity with the cultural, historical, and environmental significance of the land he transacts has made him a consistent top producer.

Agent Specializations

Low-rise Residential Land

Reza has succesfully transacted over 50 townhouse, single detached, and multifamily land development projects.

Mid-rise Residential Land

Reza has transacted land for various apartments and condominiums.

Mixed Use Land

Reza has optimized land for mixed uses, including offices, residences, and commercial space.

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