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Roham Maani

Real Estate Analyst

Roham is a Real Estate Analyst at Land Services Group. He is currently in his final year of undergraduate studies at Ryerson University. Roham has a strong inclination towards realty owing to a family history that began with his father’s investments and land development projects. Roham views his father as a source of inspiration. 

Roham is an asset to the Land Services Group attributable to his broad knowledge of market functions combined with his work background in Real Estate Law. Roham’s notable skills include his tactfulness when closing a deal, analyzing legal details, working closely with management to ensure a smooth transactional process, implementing software, daily  operations, and streamlining communication for the team. 

He is determined to pursue further education to master the techniques required to lead and manage a project. 

Roham's Specializations


Roham facilitates the execution of day-to-day tasks, ensuring smooth processes for all Land Services Group staff and their clients.


Roham’s ability to visualize information and identify competitors is of utmost vitality. He is efficient in geotagging and producing demographic charts which helps target audiences, which he compiles in the form of business reports and market insights for the team and its clients.

Corporate Communications

Roham facilitates professional communications between Land Services Group staff, clients, and external parties.

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