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Saeid Hosseinpour


Sales Representative

Saeid pursued his undergraduate degree in Structural Engineering in 1994 before entering the sphere of oil and gas engineering in 2010. Saeid’s portfolio of successful multi-billion dollar engineering projects encompass Bechtel Reliance in India, Petro-Canada Horizon in Canada, and a 370-unit land development project in Iran. A few years down the line, Saeid worked as a Civil Engineer for a steel industry and built a power plant while leading and supervising a team.

Expanding on his land development knowledge, Saeid began began his real estate journey in 2015, and had successfully built five custom homes within the year, and more homes in the U.S. Today, Saeid holds a prominent spot at Land Services Group through his contributions, owing particularly to his background in management. 

When Saeid is not working, you can find him focused on a game of chess and getting up to date with politics and news.

Saeid's Specializations

Land Development

Saeid possesses expansive knowledge and experience in land development. He identifies and analyzes properties that are a ideal for demolition and renovation, and provides cost estimates. His experience encompasses many multi-billion dollar projects.


Saeid brings a large base of clients and investors for residential and commercial projects.

Custom Homes

Saeid has renovated and built many custom homes across neighbourhoods such as Richmond Hill, Bayview Village, Wilson Heights, Forest Hill, and more.

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