The Land Services Group has an adaptable transaction procedure that is tailored to help you achieve your unique real estate goals. Below is a summary of our most popular services:

Site Selection and Appraisal

We identify sites in optimal metropolitan locations with residential or commercial development potential.

Asset Management

The Land Services Group will assist you in devising a strategy to maximize the value of their real estate assets. Our team will actively manage the site if needed.

Marketing and Promotion

We leverage the our social network to attract industry-leading investors from all around the world. Our marketing department will execute a comprehensive, property-specific marketing plan to highlight the property’s unique qualities.


We liaison with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits and licenses for the site.


We create detailed plans for the selected site that optimize its industrial, commercial, or residential uses while respecting conservation and development limitations.

Infrastructure & Land Development

We submit applications for land development to the local governing body if necessary. If approved, we coordinate with developers and contractors to establish power and water distribution, wastewater treatment, drainage, and roads.

The Land Services Group tailors its approach according to your goals. No two transactions are run the same way. If you do not see your concern represented in the above, please contact us to discuss a personalized strategy.

LSG Partnerships

The LSG Partnership Program will pair you with the right partner to make your project a success.

What We Can Do for You

Whether you are a landowner or a future landowner, the Land Services Group will connect you to the right purchasers or sellers to make the most out of your real estate. If any of the following describes your goals, we can help you:

Evaluate, strategize, and plan for residential, industrial, or commercial development land.

Assemble, sever, infill , or redevelop rural, suburban, and urban land parcels.

Buy or sell your development land.

Maximize the value of your real estate assets by optimizing land use.